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Our base house and fishing area is located in a town called El Sargento.
El Sarento is located at aproximately 40min drive from the La Paz int' airport (LAP).
You can also arrive to the San Jose del Cabo int' airport (SJD) and it will take you a 2,5 hr drive along the M19 highway that goes from SJD to La Paz.
The Sargento/Ventana/Cerralvo area is one of the best fishing spots in baja california. Cerralvo island brings a wide variety of species to its shores and its a feeding spot for many predators.


Fly fishing the Baja waters is in the list of any anglers dream.The wide variedy of species, abundant topwater action and the breathtaking scenary make Baja one of the best Fly fishing destinations in the world.
You will have the chance to catch the famous worldknown Baja´s roosterfish on sardine fly imitations or hook aggresive dorados and jacks chasing flies on the surface.
Enjoy the best topwater action fly fishing in Baja with our expert local guides both from their panga boats or from the beach.
We recommend to bring 8#-10# weight rods, tough saltwater reels with at least 150yrd of backing and floating and sinking lines. 30Lb-50Lb tippets are mostly used. In terms of flies we do recommend to bring sardine imitations (green&white, blue&white, brown&white) in 4/0 and 6/0 saltwater hook sizes, poppers and clouser minows.

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If you are not a big fly fishing enthusiastic you can decide to go light tackle fishing with our guides.

Light tackle is perfect to go alone, bring a friend or family member on the panga and also be able to have unforgettable fishing days.

When fishing the beach many fisherman decide to bring their casting rods to tease the dorados and roosters and bring them close to the shore both to catch them with a teaser or to be able to cast some flies to them.

FISH WITH US: Servicios
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Either if you decide to go panga or beach fishing we encourage you to only Catch&Release.
C&R is the only way to preserve and maintain our precious Baja fishery for many years so we can all enjoy it and keep coming back.
Lets all enjoy Baja at its best taking the most care to preseve it and maintain its fishery.

FISH WITH US: Servicios


The local mexican fishing boat is the panga. Pangas are 20-26 foot foot open boats which are perfect for fly fishing.
The fishing day begins and ends in front of the casitas. The day starts at 6:30 am with our guides picking you up by the beach right in front of the casita. The pangas hold 2 anglers + the captain. The pangas are equipped with cold non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Our guides will be ready to take you to the best spots depending on the species that you want to target. The fishing starts almost immediatly since the hot fishing spots are from 5' to 30' minute boat ride from the house. You will head first to catch some fresh sardines to bring fish within casting range. The fishing will last until 1:30pm where they will drop you off back to the beach house.
Our guides are local experts that will work as hard as they can for you to have the  best experience and fishing possible.



Walking the beach looking for feeding fish its a unique experience in Baja.
"The hunt" for roosters, dorados and jacks from the beach both with the fly and spinning rods its a magic and adrenaline driven experience.
You can either decide to walk the beach (we recommend adecuate shoes)  or rent an ATV and move faster looking for action and feeding fish.
Anglers can decide to go solo beach fishing or there are expert beach guides available upon request.
You can literally just walk out of your bed and start fishing right away in front of the house, look for nervous water and jumping baitfish. The beach coast goes for about 6km so you have lots of water to cover. Inshore fishing fishing for roosterfish, jacks, giant needlefish, african pompano, ladyfish and even some milkfish that cruise the beach in search of prey

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